Concerning the Glory of the Olive Tree (I)

Written by P. Alfonso Gálvez on .


The Greatest and BestKept Secret of the Post-Conciliar Church

(First Part)


  1. Introduction

Concerning the Glory of the Olive Tree, an English translation of the Latin De Gloria Olivae, is the motto attributed to Benedict XVI by the list of Popes of the so-called Prophecy of Saint Malachy.[1]

Let me state at the outset that I am not going insist on what has been said in my essay about Peter the Roman. The private character of this otherwise very serious prophecy has been well established; therefore, it has never been officially sanctioned. On the other hand, this prophecy has never been officially rejected by the Church. It stands to reason, therefore, that anybody should feel free to accept or to reject it. I have already said that, concerning this prophecy, we are moving within the field of hypothesis; therefore, it is not necessary to stress that I do not want to substantiate its authenticity. We are thus open to the various and diverse opinions or objections that readers may offer, within the usual and mutual respect that should always exist among serious people.

When we say that we are moving within the field of mere hypothesis, this should be understood only in reference to interpretation of the motto Concerning the Glory of the Olive Tree in connection with the person of Benedict XVI and his Pontificate.

Homily February 22nd, 2015 (for young people)

Written by P. Alfonso Gálvez on .

First Sunday of Lent (for young people)

Mt 4: 1-11

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Peter the Roman (VII)

Written by P. Alfonso Gálvez on .


The Name Petrus Romanus



For centuries, countless onslaughts by the Enemy ended up crashing against the Rock upon which the Church is founded. Heresies were easily uprooted and schisms were always clearly defined, qualified, and contained so that everybody knew just what to expect.

This was the general tone until the first half of the twentieth century, approximately until the death of Pius XII.

But John XXIII, as soon as he was elected Pope, ordered the windows of the Vatican to be opened, which did not reflect very well on his predecessors (always referred to as of happy memory), and which resulted in something similar to what happened when, according to the legend, Pandora's box was unlocked. Nobody could say exactly whether what entered through those windows was fresh air or perhaps something very different. Nevertheless, a few years later another Pope –Paul VI, who evidently had serious reasons for knowing what he was talking about— affirmed that it was the smoke of Satan which had come in through those windows. No wonder, for, after all, that is what happens when the ventilation system is turned on in an atmosphere and environment saturated with miasma.

And the atmosphere that Europe breathed towards the midst of the twentieth century was more than soaked in decomposing substances.

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