Homily June 26th, 2016

Written by P. Alfonso Gálvez on .

VI Sunday after Pentecost

Rom 6: 3-11

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Homily June 19th, 2016

Written by P. Alfonso Gálvez on .

V Sunday after Pentecost

Mt 5: 20-24

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Homily June 12th, 2016

Written by P. Alfonso Gálvez on .

IV Sunday after Pentecost

Lk 5: 1-11

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Homily June 10th, 2016

Written by P. Alfonso Gálvez on .

60th Ordination Anniversary

Heb 5: 1-11

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The Mystery of the Priesthood (III)

Written by P. Alfonso Gálvez on .

2. “Here now it is required among the ministers, that a man may be found faithful.” The importance of “fidelity” in the priestly office.

The notion of fidelity can be understood as a consent to or an agreement with the consequences of a notion or with the commandments or instructions received from another person in order to carry them out in perfect conformity to their directives.

         But we are dealing here with fidelity with respect to the Person of Jesus Christ, which is entirely logical if we consider that a priest as another Christ is destined to be the faithful image of the Life of his Master and to propagate His Teachings.

         It is evident then that if the priest stops regarding himself as another Christ or showing himself as such to the people, the possible fruits of his ministry will vanish as the salt Jesus Christ spoke about which is no longer good for anything; people cast it out and it is trodden on by them (Mt 5:13).

Homily June 5th, 2016

Written by P. Alfonso Gálvez on .

III Sunday after Pentecost

Lk 15: 1-10

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The Mystery of Priesthood (II)

Written by P. Alfonso Gálvez on .

The qualities of the priesthood such as its supernatural essence and its transcendent nature, impossible for human thought and feelings to fathom, are to some extent expressed by Poetry:

To speak of it and not live it is sadness,
To live it and not speak of it is sublime,
Guardian of my dreams, Come and tell me in time
How to attain this beautiful existence.

          Any speculation about the priesthood, insomuch as it aims to approach truth, must be based on personal experience.  For it is only from within that we can delve into the knowledge – though a relative one – of its nature. The priesthood can be studied from many different points of view –historically, theologically, sociologically—, but none is sufficiently adequate to grasp the vast depth of its substance. The fact that a mere man lives the identical Life of Christ and carries out His same office cannot be grasped without first acknowledging the mysterious supernatural nature of the priesthood.

          The supernatural realities granted to man have such an effect on his nature that from the first moment the priesthood transforms a man into another Christ; his entire existence as a human being is wholly transformed; consequently, if concepts and words are indeed meaningful then it is impossible to regard the priest as a man like any other man. Once the Realities from Heaven are bestowed upon him, the priest becomes different from other men to such an extent that neither his fellow men nor he himself could ever understand the nature of his state.

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