From the book "Prayer"

106 The life of a person who prays is a reflection of his prayer, and his prayer is a reflection of the life he leads; it follows that life of prayer is inconceivable without a genuine effort to live as a Christian.

Games and Jousts in the Divine-Human Relationship

Written by P. Alfonso Gálvez on .


(When some people think that slipping and falling into sin is the best manner of finding Christ, there are those who still believe that prayer is the best way of meeting Him)


         We referred to the distinctive ludic nature of the divine-human relationship of love when we discussed the declaration of the bride that she had been brought to the banquet house to contend with the Bridegroom in a contest of love.

        The relationship between games and contests also called jousts and tournaments is well attested from time immemorial. The first Olympic competitions were called Games by the Greeks; the Romans used the same term to refer to those events celebrated in the Amphitheater or Circus. The latter, nevertheless, contained an element of cruelty, sometimes extreme, in the gladiatorial combats. There also was a fight to the death in the tournaments of the Medieval Period between competing knights, but only on special occasions and under much more humane conditions.

          It follows from this that the elements of ​​game and contest have always been linked. Yet we must add that the feature of amusement was part and parcel of both from ancient times and, therefore, was always present in competitions. It was not uncommon that the aspect of entertainment would remain as an exclusive attraction for the spectators, as always happened in the Roman amphitheaters where death matches were quite frequent.

Homily December 14th, 2014 (for young people)

Written by P. Alfonso Gálvez on .

III Sunday of Advent (for young people)

Gospel: Jn 1: 19-28

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Aggressive Disquisitions - Mystical Prayer

Written by P. Alfonso Gálvez on .





            PRELIMINARY NOTE: Speaking about prayer, or about mystical prayer which is even more serious, in these times of the New Church is tantamount to an incitement to scandal. It would be a tremendous stupidity and madness in the opinion of most of modern Christians. Indeed, who is going to give thought now to such an obsolete topic . . . ? Modern times do not welcome any clinging to past, old-fashioned traditions or to fixed formulations that may restrict the freedom of the individual. On the contrary, now it is time, they say, for Christians to come out of themselves, willingly expecting new surprises from God. The sadness and stiffness of the past must give way to joy, improvisation, and an openness of heart ready to welcome everybody, whether good or bad, just as they are. Prohibition, punishment, and repentance have finally died, giving rise to mercy, understanding, and acceptance of any and all situations that any human being may consider good.

            Hence ships crossing the oceans have decided, which is totally reasonable, to do away with maps, navigation charts, compasses, radar, satellite communications, and even weather forecasts. It has been discovered now that these instruments, formerly considered essential, are useless and only good for restricting the freedom and the improvisational spirit of navigators. But, what about risks of collisions, storms, reefs, sandbanks; what about the possibility of never reaching one’s destination…? There is nothing to it; it is much better and more exciting to undergo random, potential surprises . . . ! And, of course, if pirates board the ship, they should be received with understanding and love, given a warm welcome, and even integrated into the crew.

Homily December 7th, 2014 (for young people)

Written by P. Alfonso Gálvez on .

II Sunday of Advent

Gospel: Mt 11: 2-10

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Homily November 30th, 2014

Written by P. Alfonso Gálvez on .

I Sunday of Advent

First Reading: Rom 13: 11-14

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