The Importunate Friend



 This significant work of A. Gálvez consists of three meditations. The first gives the book its title: The Importunate Friend. According to the author’s own assessment, it is a commentary to the “well-known gospel parable and is a talk on the subject of prayer.”


The second meditation is a commentary to the prophetic Pauline text (2 Tim 4: 3-4) according to which “a time will come in which men will not endure sound doctrine.” Its title is profound and exclusively Christian: “Love for the Truth.” Here the author pours out his heart, expressing his “sense of nostalgia” and love for the truth, so opposed to the contemporary world in which lies and travesty seem to dominate, even in some corners of the Church.

The third meditation, “The Poor Widow,” is a commentary to the historic event in the life of Jesus when He saw the poor widow give to the temple all she had to live on, while the rich gave what was left over.

 This last meditation comprises possibly one of the literary peaks of the Twentieth Century – maybe a hidden autobiography? – while providing an explanation of the too-often-used – and generally miscomprehended – virtue of Christian Poverty, exploring its depth to the point of touching the mysterious. Written in a distinctive and compelling style, contrasted with the rest of the theological work, this chapter must be read without breaks or interruptions,  in the same way as one would observe and benefit from the performance of a great musical piece.  

Published by Shoreless Lake Press, New Jersey, 1995, 170 pages.